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The Cove Apple Club runs exclusively on donations, freely offered by members and friends who wish to support and grow the Club.


The Club doesn't charge dues, and we have no other outside funding.

Everyone who enjoys the Cove Apple Club is encouraged to donate, as often as they like, in any amount they like, and in any way they like.


At Cove Apple Club meetings, you'll find a donation jar and a stack of donation envelopes near the door.

If you want to receive credit for your donation on our "Donor Scoreboard," write your name (or a pseudonym, if you like!) on the donation envelope and place your donation inside, then deposit the envelope.

To donate anonymously, drop cash directly into the donation jar, or place it inside a blank envelope.


You can donate securely and quickly online using several trusted methods. If you would like your donation to be recorded as "Anonymous" or under a pseudonym, please include your instructions with your donations.

PATREON: Patreon is the easy, secure way to support the Cove Apple Club with regular monthly donations of $3, $5 or $10. Patreon is used by over 200,000 artists and organizations, and has paid out over $2-billion in donor support since 2013. We encourage all Cove Apple Club members to consider using Patreon to support the club with regular donations, the best way to keep our club healthy and fun.

  • Click here to visit our Patreon page, choose a support tier, and then fill in your contact and payment details. You'll get an email receipt and confirmation from Patreon every month when your donation is sent to the club.

  • Of course, you can cancel, change or view your donations anytime at our Patreon page, or by clicking a link in your monthly Patreon donor email.

ZELLE: Zelle is a secure, instant bank-to-bank transfer that is supported by almost all US-based banks and credit unions. There is no fee to sender or recipient, and no account information is ever sent to the recipient.

  • On your iPhone:

    • Open the mobile app for your bank or credit union, then look for "Transfer / Zelle" in the app. Choose "Send or Receive money with Zelle," then follow the prompts to send money to

  • On your Mac:

    • Visit your bank website, then click the link for "Transfer / Zelle." Follow the prompts to send money to


SQUARE: Square is a secure, instant payment platform used by millions of businesses large and small. There is no fee to the donor to donate to the Club using Square, and no account information is ever sent to the recipient.

PAYPAL: PayPal is the internet's original instant money transfer service. PayPal is secure, safe and used by millions to pay for goods and services every day. There is no fee to send money to the Cove Apple Club when funded by a bank account linked to your PayPal account.

  • On your iPhone with the PayPal app installed:

    • Open the PayPal app on your iPhone and login, then tap "Send." In the "Name, @username, email, ..." field, enter @coveappleclub, then follow the prompts to send your donation.

  • On your Mac:

    • Click this link to go to the Cove Apple Club page on Enter a donation amount and click Next, then login to your account and send your donation, or:

    • Login to your PayPal account at, then click on "Send & Request." Click "Send," then enter @coveappleclub in the "Name, @username, email, ..." field," enter the amount you wish to donate, then choose "Sending to a friend," then review and complete your donation on the next screen.


VENMO: Venmo offers free money transfers to other Venmo users when you use funds from your bank checking account or debit card. Venmo works exclusively through their free iPhone app, which you can download from the App Store.

  • On your iPhone with the Venmo app installed, tap this link to open Venmo, then follow the prompts to complete your donation; or,

  • Open the Venmo app on your iPhone, then tap "Pay or Request." In the "Name, @username, phone, or email field," enter @Cove-Apple-Club, then follow the prompts to complete your donation.

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